How Does Hypnosis Work?

Alpha is the lightest state of hypnosis and is easily achieved. It is the state just below the normal, alert, and awake state of “Beta.” You are in this state many times a day and it is a natural state of mind. However, while in this state you are not fully “here” and not fully “out of it” either. The important thing about Alpha is that while in this state you are “200 times more suggestible and therefore more able to receive messages that influence positive change”.

Using hypnosis to heal and grow

Some clients go deeper than Alpha into “Theta” and “Delta” states while in Hypnosis but that is not necessary. You may move from one state to another during the session and that is normal. You may be aware of everything I say during the session and that is OK because you will still be in hypnosis. You may even get the feeling of time distortion when in hypnosis like when playing video games or working on the computer and time slips away since you are so focused on what you are doing. This may happen to you today while in hypnosis.

How Can Hypnosis Improve My Life?

How does Hypnosis work?

The idea is to tap in to the unconscious mind and to encourage it to work for you with the use of hypnotherapy. Some experts say your mind has the answers but it gets all locked up due to stress, misinformation, or blocks in communication. We want to allow your mind the freedom to discover how to become comfortable or creative by allowing it to become relaxed.